This is a full professional recording studio. Simplicity is key here. It is equipped with the same technology that forms the foundation for all high-end recording studios, without all of the unnecessary add ons. This studio will help create a big professional clean sound for your project at the most affordable prices around. We specialize with singer-songwriters and bands. 

Our studio has an atmosphere to enhance creativity with its acoustic treatments, open layout, and ambient lighting. The sound absorption panels are specifically designed and placed to give the highest quality room sound to please the ear. The open layout allows for the musicians to be in the same room as the sound engineer which increases verbal and non verbal communication. The silent ambient LED lighting lights the room in away to decrease distractions and create a positive mood.  

This is the recording studio for you if you are looking to record on the budget and still get a professional sound. This strips away the unnecessary filters and processors and reduces the time needed to record, mix, and master all the tracks, while still keeping to the artist full creative vision.

Audio Samples
 Tracks recorded in Studio 6A.

Logic X, Pro Tools (on certain projects)
Universal Audio 4-710d
Rupert Neve Portico 5017
Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2
Apogee Duet  
Focusrite Scarlett  
WA87 Studio Pair
Rode NT1-A 
Sennheiser e 602  
KRK Studio Monitors  *soon neumann 
Audio Technica Headphones 
Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe 
Taylor 514-ce  
Netherlands handmade Classical guitar  
Tama 5 piece Drumkit 
Toca 14" Djembe  
Hand Percussion  
Handmade Cajon  
Bose L1 Studio PA


Recording Prices  
$60 per hour of studio time with Trevor 

One Week Album Bundle
$2000 for 5 consecutive days of 10 hour blocks. 

Text/call Trevor 941.713.0176 for deals/bundle prices and to schedule a visit  

-Singles take around 8 hours to record, mix, and master   
-EPs take around 25 hours to record, mix, and master  
-Albums take around 40 hours to record, mix, and master  

A typical studio musician charges $100 per recording session.