"The Trevor Bystrom Band is playing one of their original songs, the Afro-Cuban and reggae-influenced anthem “Together As One” that warms the cold night with a call for peaceful coexistence. Zen Seraphine is playing the violin with her back to us, her flowing white wrap moving like a cresting wave, as the music crescendos and ebbs. The overall effect is hypnotic and nautical.  

I have to remind myself several times that we’re not actually floating out to sea on the deck of a houseboat with its own band, bar, and street food kitchen.  

There’s something magical happening here and it has a lot to do with Trevor himself. Trevor was born and raised on Anna Maria Island, he owns and operates the Island’s only public recording studio, and Holmes Beach is named for his maternal great-grandfather, Jack Holmes. He’s a legacy working on forging his own legacy.  

Trevor is a magnetic performer, at once focused and generous. The band is seamless and they appear to be playing for themselves and for each other as much as for the crowd. James Hershey plays the drums with joyous abandon, singing along even though he doesn’t have a mic; Pedro Arevalo dances and works his guitar with the ease of the international touring musician that he is, while “Kenny Bobby” Hughes on bass keeps a tight rhythm." 

-Edible Sarasota