Music Lessons

$40 per hour, $25 per 30 min 

Guitar Lessons - I will be teaching from beginning tom advanced levels of guitar in the genres of your choosing. I will teach everything from chords, to improvisation, to fingerpicking, and more. I will brush up on music theory on the way, and help train your ear. Do you have a favorite song? Instead of having a recital type show every year I will have the students play a few songs with professional band members at local venues when they are ready to perform.

Ukulele Lessons - I will be teaching from beginning to advance levels of ukulele. I recommend this instrument to children just starting to play their first instrument. With the close frets and few strings they will be able to play and learn songs quicker than they would on a guitar. 

Slide Guitar Lessons - This instrument is very unique. It is played on the lap and strictly played by finger picking and with a bar/bottle. The tuning for this instrument is open, unlike standard guitars. I will teach everything from chords, improvisation, and fingerpicking. Once technique is mastered, the lessons will consist of the same material as a traditional guitar lesson, molded to the needs of the slide guitar.    

        Slide guitars are not easy to find or purchase. I have an in house practice lap slide guitar that can be used by the student during a lesson. When the student goes home to practice, they can convert any guitar into a slide by adding a small nut to raise the strings. This will not hurt the guitar in any way. This is so the student can still learn proper technique, yet not rush a finical decision to invest in their own slide guitar.  A beginner slide guitar costs around $500, while a professional slide guitar ranges from $2500 and above.   

Songwriter's Workshop - Do you have writers block? Songs that are half way done? A song written with no music to accompany it? A melody you want to make into a song? This will be the workshop for you. Come in and I will work with your writing one on one, helping you discover ways to improve your writing and ways to avoid writers block.  

Featured artist lessons - I will be offering a more diverse instrumentation of lessons that will be taught by other professional local musicians in their instrument. This will range from percussion, woodwinds, strings, piano, and more. Price of lessons will depend on the other artist.   

Independent Artist Consulting - This is customizable to what each individual artist needs. From an artist who is has just started playing gigs, to the artist who wants to take his/her music to the next level, this will be a planning session to help the artist reach their goals. These are just a few of the topics that can be discussed, but not limited to;  
-Booking and Negotiating a Fair Price   
-Copyrighting Original Material  
-Business Licensing: To Sell Merchandise Legally   
-Handling Taxes   
-Creating a Professional Website  
-Cost efficient Marketing and Advertising  
-Building your Following: Social Media  
-Networking and Organization  
-Finding the Right Sound System for You