Hire Trevor to move his recording studio or just Sound equipment to your next show. He will handle all sound engineering and all the gear. After recording the event he will have up to 16 individual tracks to edit, mix, and master to get a solid sounding live recording to use as demos, EPKs, and even live videos. You can hire a film crew or set up cameras and trevor will be able to sinc those great sounding tracks to the videos. Because of all the variables for a show Trevor cannot give a direct price. Send him an email with full details of event. Just running sound would cost around $100-$200. Recording is an additional $60 an hour after the show for mixing and mastering.

- 16 track recording
- 6 individual inear/monitor mixes which can be mixed on ones on iphone
- Up to 4 monitors
- EV 12" 1000w speakers
- Behringer 1000w sub
- Sound engineer for real time mixing
- Presonus Studiolive mixer
- High-end preamps and equipment