Giving Back

Through our lyrics, we hope to ignite a fire within our listeners to care about their environment, to get involved in improving their communities, to live mindfully, and to be uplifted with messages of love, peace, and unity. 

Periodically, we will be featuring projects by community organizations, who we have seen make positive contributions to our local areas. We hope that you will check them out and volunteer or donate, when you can, as we do. 

featured giving back project


 Don't Cut the Line


Who are they?  

Members of Don't Cut the Line are local islanders who care about the wildlife around them. They are fishermen, college students, wives, veterinarians, and anyone who takes a moment to care about the plight of these birds. The main organizers of this network are Ally Titsworth and Jeannie Bystrom, who have dedicated years and countless hours to this cause. 

The Mission is:

1. to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured birds, and  

2. to educate the public about nature and environmental sustainability.  

Don’t Cut the Line is a rescue and education effort of the local Anna Maria Island community. They have a partnership with Island Animal Clinic who donates their time and surgical expertise to save and rehabilitate injured birds.  Fishing lines pose a significant threat to pelicans and other seabirds along Florida’s coasts and waterways. When pelicans and other seabirds take the bait from fishing lines, many irritated fishermen simply cut the line. This is a death sentence for the bird, as they often get hung up in trees by these lines. Don’t Cut the Line offers educational brochures and seminars to teach the public about the dangers of cutting fishing lines, and educate them on how to unhook the lines and rescue the seabirds.  

How can I help?   


If you see a bird in need, please call Jeannie Bystrom at (941)713-0176. If you are able to catch the bird, please do, many times when rescuers arrive they have already wandered off.  We have attached tips on how to catch a bird and there are instructional videos on the Don't Cut the Line facebook page. 


Click on the following brochures to learn more about how to care for our seabird! Please take some and spread the info around to your friends and neighbors, who love fishing or being out in the water.  

Don’t Cut the Line Brochure:  

Don’t Cut the Line tips: